Charm City Care Connection was founded in 2009 by local students in collaboration with East Baltimore community leaders. Together, students and community members envisioned a future free from disparities in health and health care access. Originally called Charm City Clinic, our organization was formed to improve the health of Baltimore’s residents and to increase future healthcare providers’ awareness of challenges that underserved communities face. We aim to strengthen our community and empower Baltimore’s poorest families through lasting relationships that promote health and well-being. 

Since 2009, we have grown from a small volunteer group to a substantial organization with ambitious vision and goals. Over the years we have assisted approximately 3,800 low-­income individuals, the majority of whom reside in East Baltimore, in achieving sustainable connection to high quality health care. Today we offer comprehensive health support services at two locations and are partnering with other local agencies to bring preventive health services to community based sites. 



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Natanya Robinowitz

Executive Director, MPH

Natanya’s work has focused on centering the expertise of impacted communities through public health interventions to improve overall outcomes. She most recently served as the Associate Director of Harm Reduction at Behavioral Health System Baltimore and previously worked for the Baltimore City Health Department in their Community Risk Reduction Services. She has been an active member of Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition and the BRIDGES Coalition (a coalition advocating for safer drug consumption spaces). This past year she moved her family to Catalonia, Spain to study the public health system for people who use drugs as a Fulbright Fellow. Before moving to Baltimore in 2010, she worked in India, Mexico and Spain. Natanya received her Master of Science in Public Health from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in 2012.


Aleah Robinson

Program Director

After graduating from Smith College in 2017, where she mainly focused in Africana and Media studies, Aleah spent time as an arts educator in the Holyoke community of Western Massachusetts before relocating to Baltimore to be closer to family. She is passionate about sustainable systems of health and wellness, loves talking about surveillance and is enthusiastic about cultivating community knowledge around holistic medicine. In her spare time she enjoys videography, cooking and time spent in nature.

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Cola Anderson

Operations Manager

Cola Anderson is an interdisciplinary artist, survivor and wife. She lives in Hampden with her cat Erykah and home full on trinkets. Queerness fuels her passion for fashion and her love of marginalized communities. Harm reduction is now her main focus and she hopes to spread awareness and resources to those most in need of support.

Raichelle Johnson

Community Relations Coordinator

Raichelle Johnson aka Ro was born and raised in East Baltimore. Ro always was a helper so it was only fitting for her to become an outreach worker for Bmore Power in 2017. With Bmore Power Ro was able to do what she does best, connect with individuals on outreach and represent these same individuals in meetings, committees and at events across Baltimore. She is passionate about harm reduction education, baking and her collection of dolls, made by her daughter. Since her first day of doing outreach, she was hooked on helping people. Now a days you can find her doing outreach all over Baltimore and volunteering for other causes, always advocating for our most marginalized communities.


Onyinye Alheri

part time case manager

Onyinye is passionate about promoting justice for those experiencing social exclusion and marginalization. She believes in harm-reduction and that community healing must happen along with self care. Onyinye is also an artist, activist and doula who’s practice centers low-income people of intersecting identities. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, she has lived in many places and is now focused on power-building in her childhood home of Baltimore.

Board of Directors

Ramy El-Diwany, PhD, President, Co-Founder, Charm City Clinic, Inc; MD/PhD Student, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 

Eugene Shenderov, MD, DPhil, Vice President, Co-Founder, Charm City Clinic, Inc; Oncology Fellow, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Andrew Gaddis, MHS, Treasurer, Co-Founder, Charm City Clinic, Inc; Medical Student, Virginia Tech University 

Dr. Leonard Feldman, MD, Medical Director, Charm City Clinic, Inc.; Associate Professor, Director, Medicine-Pediatrics Urban Health Residency Program, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 

Maya Venkataramani, MD, MPH, Associate Medical Director and Secretary, Charm City Clinic, Inc.; Assistant Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 

Rev. Gary Dittman, Pastor, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church 

Rev. Debra Hickman, MDiv, President/CEO, Sisters Together and Reaching, Inc. 

Mike Rogers, Co-Founder, Charm City Clinic Inc; MPH Student, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health 15 Heard St Auburn MA 01501 

Ernest Smith, MBA Co-Chair, Monument-McElderry-Fayette Revitalization Plan 

Anne Langley, JD, MPH Senior Director, Health Planning and Community Engagement, Office of Health Care Transformation and Strategic Planning, Johns Hopkins Medicine 

Tiana Wynn, CPA, MBA SB & Company, LLC


joB Openings


Outreach specialist

This is a part-time, 8 hours a week, non-exempt position at $16 per hour. 

This position is responsible for providing an array of street-based harm reduction services to people actively using drugs. The Outreach Specialist will be primarily responsible for conducting outreach activities, providing participants with safer use and safer sex materials and educational interventions, and supporting our street-based services. All activities are designed to be consistent with CCCC’s service model, which is based on educating and empowering individuals to advocate for themselves and make self-identified changes in their lives.



Our volunteers are essential to the work we do. Charm City Care Connection’s model and programs are built on fully utilizing volunteers and their talents. Volunteers participate in our center through case management, outreach, and leadership.



Thank You to Our Funders

Thank you to those organizations and individuals who believe in our mission and have supported our work. Without this support we could not progress towards a future free from disparities in health. 


Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Charitable Foundation

Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund

Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

Abell Foundation

Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Foundation

Baltimore General Dispensary Foundation

Engle Family Foundation

Hopkins Community Benefit Group



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